Wisdom of China: Laozi – CCTV9 Documentary ***CUT VERSION***

:::::::::::::: Here’s our (Jan’s and mine) segment now :::::::::::::: Excited to announce the release of this documentary on Laozi. First of all big thanks to Bryan Van Norden for the invite and the interview. I am honored to be part of this documentary besides so many specialists like Bryan Van Norden, Michael Puett, Alexus McLeod, Chen Guying, Chen Xia, Cao Feng, and of course Jan Silberstorff (without whom my album hasn’t been what it is now) discuss the modern relevance of the philosophy of the Laozi.

You can watch the whole documentary here: https://bitly.ws/3dc4r (I had to shorten the link because it was 10 meters long! 😉 )

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