Get it – 2.0 (Limited Edition! Burned CD ‘LP optic’ with Slim Case!) (2013)


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Complete new recordings of my first album “Get it”

With fantastic guest appearances of:
Michael Troy (Ex- Yngwie Malmsteen Band) on “Friday Night
Guido Bungenstock (Taurus) on “The Day before

Release Date: 21.03.2013
Playing Time: ca 52min

1. Come on
2. Sunny Day
3. Dedicated to…?
4. Break through
5. Get it
6. Balance
7. Music speaks my Mind
8. Friday Night
9. The Day before
10. It happend tomorrow
11. Typewriter – Watch Video clip here:

All Instruments: Raimund Burke
All grafic works made by Raimund Burke.
Coverphotos and grafic support from my wife Christina.


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